Who are we?

 “Nick Nation” is an energized, collective group of Nick Balenger fans and advocates.  Some of us started out as long-time fans of Nick’s winning personality or pitching prowess and others became fans only recently as they learned of the manner in which this 17 year-old boy has encountered unimaginable adversity yet moves forward each day with tremendous courage and effort.  Nick Nation spans multiple coasts and time zones, cuts across age groups from toddlers to retirees, and unites teens that would otherwise deem themselves high school rivals.  We are:

  • Nick’s family, whose dedication and love sustain and inspire him to do the hard work of rehabilitation and recovery;
  • Nick’s friends, (two flew 9400 miles to be with him in Hawaii after his injury!) who tweet and text, visit with, and do all they can to support Nick;
  • Nick’s baseball “comrades” – the coaches, teammates, and opponents that unite behind him;
  • Nick’s classmates, many of whom do not know him, but nonetheless wear his name on a bracelet around their wrists and help man car washes and run 50/50s at home football games;
  • Nick’s “proxy parents” who love him like one of their own and work behind the scenes to make things happen for him;
  • Nick’s Fundraising Committee, a group of baseball moms that could give any volunteer group a run for their money(!);
  • Nick’s extended “village,” comprised of a community that follows his progress daily on his CaringBridge site, regularly posts messages of support, and has sent so many get well cards that one entire wall has been filled and a second is on its way!


What do we do?? 

As Nick works relentlessly at his rehabilitation, Nick Nation stands up for Nick and endeavors to match his effort, doing everything in its power to ensure:

  • that Nick feels our support for as long as he needs it, with the goal being that we help “fuel” him to do the work only he can do;
  • that the Balenger Family is assisted in meeting the enormous uncovered expenses associated with his injury, estimated anywhere from $200,000 to $700,000 over time;
  • that Nick will have the resources to explore all opportunities that exist to make the fullest recovery possible.  

Please join Nick Nation today – click on “How Can I Help?” and become a part of Nick’s team!

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